Monday, May 25, 2009


Flight of fancy: Towering skyscrapers near Masjidil Haram is what one could only fancy a couple of decades ago.

It's tent-amount to crime: Despite stringent measures in place, some unregistered Hajis manages to sneak into Mina.

Height of devotion: Reading holy verses at Mt. Arafat.

Careful while giving care: Imagine how hard is the job of this ambulance driver. Every hour, he has to face the challenge of reaching the injured or sick without hurting pilgirms.

Unwinding: Every worker is tired due to a heavy load of work.

An photos by Muhammad Ali, Marwan Al-Johani, Salman Al-Marzouki, Thamer Al-Faraj, Khader Al-Zahrani, Adnan Mahdali, Ahmad Hashad and Abdullah Al-Muwallad.

Arab News; Friday December 12, 2008

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